So I’ve had this idea for a fic for a while and its like Bro was 12 when Dave was born, and their parents were just awful so when Bro is 18 (Dave is 5-6) he gets custody of him and raises him wahoo. All that good stuff.

Fast forward- Dave is 16 and Bro is 28. Bro’s dated a couple people but never got real serious with them? He’s usually so busy and his schedule is so weird that maintaining a decent relationship is pretty hard! Plus he’s just… bad when it comes to romantic relationships vs sexual ones. 

ANYWAYS, so Bro starts dating John who is 19 and just got into college this year and he’s weird enough that he’s totally fine with Bro’s irregular sleep patterns and how messy the apartment is. He even thinks Bro is pretty lame which is pretty ironic cause Dave thinks John is like the lamest person he’s ever seen at first.

Dave seems really annoyed whenever John is around and John says this to Bro and is like, “I think Dave’s worried about me stealing his brother away.” So John tries bonding with Dave alone and everything seems fine, they watch movies and go to the arcade but for some reason Dave still seems really tense when Bro and John are together. 

So it’s Dave’s birthday and Bro is like, sorry guys I won’t be home until like 8- save me some pizza, and then off he goes to whatever job he has to do. So John and Dave are having a swell time when John mentions that he might be moving in next semester and Dave’s face falls.

And John is just like oh no, if it bother’s you Dave I don’t have to. It’s just I basically live here anyways so I thought you’d be cool with it…

Dave is like, no its not that just… isn’t Bro kinda old for you? He’s practically 30.

Oh well… that’s okay because we’re both adults and stuff.

And suddenly Dave is pinning John to the couch and he’s just like, I think we’re better suited for each other.

It suddenly all clicks and John is just like, OH. OH… auh, well… Dave you’re a minor and gosh I’m dating your brother and wow I just really don’t know what to say to this.

And yeah I’ll shut up now. 8l   

Actually lol no I wont. ==>

Date: Apr 04, 2012
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