So yeah I made this doodle a while ago and I finally thought of expanding upon the idea a little.

so its set sometime in the future and Bro was bored and surfing the net when he saw this company that was selling cute bunny boys and he was like gosh dang it i want one!! 

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School girl!John/Teacher!Bro

You can thank this video and my love for archiving.


also random but how often does john go to detention to oggle bro… do they call him bro or mr.strider


and i suppose a lot, like maybe john would take his prankster skills into good use and do all kinds of things like water in buckets on doors, stinkbombs and all that jizz. bro would be really awkward at detention and john would just be smug as fuck. and i dunno about the name. i think they would just call him bro. mr. strider sounds so formal pffffffft maybe the other teachers would call him that.

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Bish and Imorb Ramble about Demon!John

Bish: do you know what would be a really complicated poly

Imorb: what

Bish: everybody loves john

sufferer and karkat and bro and dave

Imorb: omg that would just be an orgy

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