imorb asked: Karkat x A freshly glazed donut


Who’s the one that proposed: the donut wrapped itself sensually around karkats ring finger

Who kissed who: which lead karkat to lean in, heart pounding, and kiss the soft, sticky texture of the donut

Their outfits: karkat, sentimental fuck he is, likes to go out like twinsies so he wears a fine two inch thick glaze from the neck down

Who shoves cake in the others face: karkat feeds it through the hole in the donut and shovels it quickly into his mouth after

Best man: dave

Maid of Honor: dave’s apple juice

What their rings look like: donut was literally the ring

Where they Honey Moon: they decided to go back to donut’s roots, his home; krispy kreme. 

Fly High

[Another old one from my drafts]

I had this dream of John riding on this sort of quadruped bird? 

its like the humans live on top of this really big cliff and there’s no way to get down from it. There are legends of how a great split in the earth came hundreds of years ago.

And there are these big… bird things that are pretty much the top predator and really the only things the humans have to worry about. 

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Manakat AU

[GOD THIS IS OLD!! I didn’t realize I didn’t post it. *shots fired*]

[Au Tag here]

A Johnkat AU I did with Jo. All art has links to it’s separate post. uvu

John grew up by the sea and fell deeply in love with it from a young age, much like his grandfather. He’s a bit odd; always zoning out, the fact he does his homework in the bathtub, and that he’s always cleaning up after the beach goers.

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Anonymous asked: brojohn for the ship thing~

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Jo and I are making an AU called

ツンデレバットパパ KARKAT 


a video call with dave and karkat

imagehey karkat - wana know a secret

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imorb replied to your photo“this picture says alot about how i ship these these two”
whispers now makeout