2007 vs 2014 

I got this cool kid as a gift from Eren and idk what to name them… Dysmas maybe??

You know his mom took pictures every year. She thought the tongue thing was cute. 

Thing for KH AU I might headcanon out latter. Ignore the shitty hands, bleh.

Axel and Roxas shopping. I can’t draw Axel leave me alone. Roxas likes secretly reading the tabloids but he never buys them. 

Bean Team as Animal Crossing citizens. 

coolmaedakun said: robot who wants to dress in really pretty, frilly clothes.

 sam suxxx 

Polyship Pixels

image image image image

Razzle, Rain, Eve, and Lee!! 

Bean team as Pokemon trainers!!! 

foxcosmos requested: draw digby from animal crossing?? ;w;

Anon asked for Johnkat aka the only thing I care about in the HS fandom anymore. I haven’t drawn them in like a year and I didn’t look at a ref so dont judge me. 

Sirix and Rixevr being cutes

Quick pixel I did of toxiccanary's cute kinself. uvu 

Quick pixel I did of toxiccanary's cute kinself. uvu 

poop smoothies (for ash’s pixel family)

image image image image image image

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