so ive been making fun of eren for having shrek hair for a while now

and they got fed up and goggled shrek to prove it wasnt and instantly closed it said “nevermind” 

best thing

my back still seriously hurts rn 

i dont wanna do work i just wanna sleep 

i honestly like my body but because i am bigger it makes wearing clothes i like really hard and its very frustrating 


god idk what i did to my back but literally BREATHING feels awful. gym class is gonna kill me tomorrow, ugh. 

my laptop came today!!! its kinda laggy but it should be fine once i uninstall all the bs on here

multiples of 6
asked by: grubtier

What are you looking forward to in the next week?

Redying my hair??? Nothing really idk. 

Have you pretended to like someone?

Romantically? No. I mean I’m nice to people but I’m not going to fake interest. 

Hold hands with anyone this week?

Yeah. Eren and my dad. 

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11, 53, 68 ;)
asked by: tinierthoughts

Last three things you had to drink?

Water, tea, almond milk

Ever been on a golf cart?

Yes. Obviously you know this I WAS DRIVING YOU AROUND IN IT, NERD. eve For those who don’t know, I own a golf cart and I zoom around my stupid dead end road on it. 

Would you rather sleep with someone else or alone?

SOMEONE ELSE. I really hate sleeping alone, which is why I have so many body pillows. I really like cuddling when I’m sleeping so having someone TO cuddle is nice. But as long as someone is THERE I tend to sleep a lot better. (Probably cause I never really started sleeping alone much until I was 10 or so.)

tru friends will scavenge the internet for three whole minutes to reply to you with a copy paste emoji

e-mail hacked!

SO… I’m pretty sure my yahoo has finally been royally fucked despite changing my e-mail 50 times and running a malware scan… 

Thus, in case you’d wanted to contact me via e-mail my new main one will be 

This is NOT my old gmail account. This is me starting brand new. Oh joy, all the sites I have to change. 

eren went on a google doc of mine and it made them an “anonymous fox” 

im too amused

"haha, two questions lef-"

"do parts a-g"


Stats homework 8^Y

Stats homework 8^Y

Make Me Mixes!!!

so uh… yeah im like the only person alive who still carries around a cd player 

and i wanna listen to some rad tunes on the bus but all i really have is cds from middle school sO if anyone would be willing to make me a playlist id love them forever

i got this one. its pretty cheap and the battery is good so that’s all i care about really

just ordered a laptop; I should have it by next week!!! i’m nervous but i know its going to make school so much easier