Chase: well there ya go
Chase: i have to do hw
Chase: however if you become rich please feel free to be my sugar daddy

[8:57:09 PM] Sam: u scam titty

"i will… poop." 

- eren

For some stupid reason Eren wanted me to post this stupid lollipop essay. >A>

The wrapper crinkles as you pull of the wax paper that hides your prize. Now naked, the lollipop exposes all its dips and valleys to you.

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sad about being too busy to go grocery shopping cause i wont see the cute cashier TTvTT

i have zero desire to get out of my bed and thus no motivation to actually go to school tomorrow

redid my theme finally. 

long live molang!

so ive been making fun of eren for having shrek hair for a while now

and they got fed up and goggled shrek to prove it wasnt and instantly closed it said “nevermind” 

best thing

my back still seriously hurts rn 

i dont wanna do work i just wanna sleep 

i honestly like my body but because i am bigger it makes wearing clothes i like really hard and its very frustrating 


god idk what i did to my back but literally BREATHING feels awful. gym class is gonna kill me tomorrow, ugh. 

my laptop came today!!! its kinda laggy but it should be fine once i uninstall all the bs on here

grubtier asked: multiples of 6

What are you looking forward to in the next week?

Redying my hair??? Nothing really idk. 

Have you pretended to like someone?

Romantically? No. I mean I’m nice to people but I’m not going to fake interest. 

Hold hands with anyone this week?

Yeah. Eren and my dad. 

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tinierthoughts asked: 11, 53, 68 ;)

Last three things you had to drink?

Water, tea, almond milk

Ever been on a golf cart?

Yes. Obviously you know this I WAS DRIVING YOU AROUND IN IT, NERD. eve For those who don’t know, I own a golf cart and I zoom around my stupid dead end road on it. 

Would you rather sleep with someone else or alone?

SOMEONE ELSE. I really hate sleeping alone, which is why I have so many body pillows. I really like cuddling when I’m sleeping so having someone TO cuddle is nice. But as long as someone is THERE I tend to sleep a lot better. (Probably cause I never really started sleeping alone much until I was 10 or so.)