holy cow i love jane from the walking dead she’s so badass i hope her and clem become like cool punkrock zombie killing sisters together 

why does everyone abhor aoba’s yellow socks?? or how he dresses in general? i really like it!!!

feastevil tagged me to do this selfie thing… I have no idea if I did it right actually. I don’t even know the rules just?? selfies?? I actually have not taken a fraction of what I took last year. Gotta get on that!!!!

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i’ve done a lot in messenger too, because i’m self conscious and prefer 1x1 xD and yeah, sometimes tumblr rps are hit or miss like that :< on my rp accounts it was hard to find people to talk to or plot with sigh

For longer RPs I really like talking about the GENERAL DIRECTION of whats going to happen before we like jump into it so messenger is nice for that cause you get quick feedback!! However its limiting in that you can only have one person to rp with usually. @A@

Well now adays there’s group messenger but that was a pretty uncommon when i started rping… >w>;

i’ve rped on tumblr and sites like livejournal/dreamwidth but something about the character limit of twitter intrigues me xD but sadly i’ve never run a rp either ; A ; i don’t got enough friends orz

yeah that’s my general?? feeling of why i don’t use twitter but i think it could be fun for rp!! 

i’ve used tumblr and deviantart but like 80% of the rps ive done was in messenger. 

my friend ari and i tried to do an rp on tumblr a couple of times and we got people but all of them went inactive after a week. : ^ ( 

manlyshotas replied to your post: “i wanna try twitter rp it looks like fun but i havent rped in years…”:
i think twitter rp looks like a lot of fun too, but idk how to get into it :<

I’m not sure either!!! I’ve never done it… I guess the biggest thing is just getting a group together willing to do it but… YEAH I’ve never really started an RP (successfully lawl) myself @v@

i wanna try twitter rp it looks like fun but i havent rped in years :’^(

stages of liking stuff:

  • loving it without flaws
  • totally hating it
  • ironically liking it because it is trash 
  • unabashedly liking it despite it being trash




gosh darnit i sent some descriptions but i guess it didn't send ;-; but anyways, i'm female, 5'2, i have glasses but i'm an idiot and choose not to wear them, i have blue and brunette hair, i love to cuddle, read,watch netflix in bed, food is always lovely but i don't cook a lot because of fear of burning the house down, and um i don't like parties but small groups of people are fine and i'm sorry this is so long but yeah

HMMM, probably yeah. Sound cute. ;0 

you're really fucking cute send help

sorry, grey faced sunglasses wearing cool kids just aint my type!

current mood: i hate everyone on deviantart 8^Y


If anyone downloads the new IM messenger QQ International and wants to add me as a friend!! send me an ask, and I’ll give you my info. Please be off Anon though. 

too lazy to make my own post 

yeah bros!!! if you think skype sucks as much as i do… well, its very MSNesque so if you’d be interested, i certainly recommend it. 


imorb replied to your post “why is the mark of true intelligence completing school early”

i think it just shows youre a masochist really. i mean, yes people learn at different rates but if youre doing in the sense of just trying to bulldoze through all the requirements… idk you probably wont do that great.

it’s like you don’t really care about learning and you just care about looking smarter than everyone else. but then like i understand for some people skipping a bit is probably a good thing, but i don’t understand why that makes them smarter

i honestly think its a hUGE disadvantage to skip a year, especially in high school. think of all the extra classes you could take! or the extra tutoring you could get if you needed it. OR idk just an extra year to make “big life choices”. honestly i wouldn’t mind an extra year now.

we both took accelerated classes in middle school and at the time people made a big deal about it??? (kinda, it was more just that we were dumb middle schoolers lawl) but in reality once we got to high school it didn’t do much for us. everyone who wanted to “caught up” in a year. i mean, it was NICE that we got to do that early but overall i wouldn’t say people in the accelerated classes were “smarter” than their peers. 

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