you know youre solid friends when you dont talk for like a year and then theyre like HEY and its not even a big deal 

I hope you have a wonderful time. Just remember to keep hydrated and wear a hat if possible.

THANKS, I WILL. I’m actually going to have an umbrella the entire time because I will literally fry on contact with the sun ;v;”

screams a little over a week until im going to florida

i was at the grocery store waiting in line and a small child pointed at me and said, “MOM I KNOW THEM, THEY’RE IN A BAND!!!”

describe your dream partner

you bby ;0 

i dont have a dream partner and i think its kind of silly honestly!!  among all the people ive dated i cant really see any trait in particular that they all had? some people i click with and some people i dont. that’s just how it is.


oneforbadnews replied to your post: “i cant wait to go to the mall after 4pm and pull my ID and laugh in…”:
u got kicked out of a mall for looking 12 and u still brag about being 5 days older than me





uh my dad has been in such an awful mood lately it sort of scares me but im pretty sure its all work related? plus its been really hot and he’s a polar bear… maybe i’ll bake him some brownies and he’ll feel better. ﹒︵ 

This is exactly what I want to happen! Jane is literally my fav character from season 2 omfg

8^( i am conflicted

it happened but then also …….. WOW if you havent seen the ep get on it omg.


holy cow i love jane from the walking dead she’s so badass i hope her and clem become like cool punkrock zombie killing sisters together 

why does everyone abhor aoba’s yellow socks?? or how he dresses in general? i really like it!!!

feastevil tagged me to do this selfie thing… I have no idea if I did it right actually. I don’t even know the rules just?? selfies?? I actually have not taken a fraction of what I took last year. Gotta get on that!!!!

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i’ve done a lot in messenger too, because i’m self conscious and prefer 1x1 xD and yeah, sometimes tumblr rps are hit or miss like that :< on my rp accounts it was hard to find people to talk to or plot with sigh

For longer RPs I really like talking about the GENERAL DIRECTION of whats going to happen before we like jump into it so messenger is nice for that cause you get quick feedback!! However its limiting in that you can only have one person to rp with usually. @A@

Well now adays there’s group messenger but that was a pretty uncommon when i started rping… >w>;

i’ve rped on tumblr and sites like livejournal/dreamwidth but something about the character limit of twitter intrigues me xD but sadly i’ve never run a rp either ; A ; i don’t got enough friends orz

yeah that’s my general?? feeling of why i don’t use twitter but i think it could be fun for rp!! 

i’ve used tumblr and deviantart but like 80% of the rps ive done was in messenger. 

my friend ari and i tried to do an rp on tumblr a couple of times and we got people but all of them went inactive after a week. : ^ ( 

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