We Were Born to Play Games
CHASE or SOUP whichever you'd prefer


i’m doing soup bc ur soup to me but if you want me to do chase as well over skype or something i will

S - supasaturation - dizzy x

O - once upon a december - liz calloway 

U - up the wolves - the mountain goats (i was gonna give u untitled bonus track from atl’s first album but apparently THAT’S NOT THE REAL NAME OF IT SO) 

P - paris - kate nash

wowza my moirail is hella attractive for those of you who don’t know

10/10 would friend kiss

a realllly long time ago i told tator i was gonna doodle them as an anime character 

a realllly long time ago i told tator i was gonna doodle them as an anime character 

FUCK I DIDNT MEAN ANON i am 422 woops


AH YES, how am i supposed to answer this (this is going to be sappy as fuck) MY DEAR SOUP, i love you so much, i am so glad that you asked to color my awful akuroku drawing ALL THOSE YEARS AGO (it has been a very long time. a VERY long time) and i literally DON’T KNOW WHAT I’D DO WITHOUT YOU you have been there for me through so much (ie the entirety of high school, quite a feat my friend) and like. i am so glad to call you my moirail. and i hope i’ve been even half as good a friend to you as you have to me. IDK I JUST LOVE YOU SO MUCH also ur a super cutie and it has been a pleasure watching both your art and writing mature as you have. ILY!!!! <333

what to tator and i talk about: complete fandom domination 


what the fuck cafeteria fortune cookie


what the fuck cafeteria fortune cookie

Tator: i cant believe my moirail is aoba

Chase: aoba is like hey jean this is how u get a hot yaoi

Tator: jeans like loL single foREVER *meme face*

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imorb replied to your post: “meme face”:
no jean no the yaoi of aoba compels you

i wish i understood what’s happening rn i need to go to bed


ode to dad-san

ode to dad-san


i’m not gonna pretend i’m above wanting people to use the names of my favourite charactes as nicknames for me



tator’s roommate’s who think my name is literally “soup”.

this is true i can attest

when asked what my actual name this is what happened


david: banana? banangela? 

allison: …

For Tator


tator does not even try to hide the fact they love when im tripping balls